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This blog is an ongoing investigation into the case and trial of Luka Magnotta. This is NOT a place for hate and it is also not a place for misguided fan-love. We offer to you the "other side of the story" , since only one biased, sensational side seems to be reported in the media, as well as ongoing coverage of the trial. It's also a look into various thoughts on life. Can you handle life?

Luka Magnotta’s 2014 Birthday Chat (LINK)Join us on July 24th for an online video chat to discuss everything Luka Magnotta

The chat room will be open on July 24th from morning to midnight. Several people with extensive knowledge of the case will be online throughout the day. We plan to have special events from 10am-11am and 8pm-11pm EST


Luka Magnotta’s 2014 Birthday Chat (LINK)
Join us on July 24th for an online video chat to discuss everything Luka Magnotta

The chat room will be open on July 24th from morning to midnight. Several people with extensive knowledge of the case will be online throughout the day. We plan to have special events from 10am-11am and 8pm-11pm EST

Anonymous asked: Luka once said that his looks are everything to him. He must really be struggling with his weight gain.

You’re probably right.  Unfortunately, for many people, when they get into their 30’s, they start to ‘fill out’ …. it’s just the way it is.  Add to it, medications that cause weight gain, and a sedative inactive lifestyle due to being incarcerated, and there’s only one way to go …. up in weight.

Magnotta Defense team denied full Publication Ban

To ensure his client gets a fair trial, lawyer Luc Leclair, asked the court on Monday to issue an order of non-publication of all the evidence that will be presented during the trial by jury, as was the case in the trial of Karla Homolka. Justice Guy Cournoyer of the Superior Court denied this request, saying it is unjustified in the circumstances.

Luka Rocco Magnotta, who turns 32 on Thursday, watched as Leclair on Monday presented motions to his trial, scheduled to begin on September 8 at the courthouse in Montreal. Dressed in a white t-shirt, Magnotta, who has gained a lot of weight since his arrest for the murder of student Lin Jun, in June 2012, remained attentive during the hearing.

In the first complaint heard, his lawyer requested a publication ban on the evidence to be presented during the trial in order not to influence the jury. In his eyes, this complete ban was the easiest way to avoid overflow in the media way. If the judge had issued such an order, the journalists could report to the public proceedings heard during the trial.

The Crown prosecutor, Mr. Louis Bouthillier, opposed this request, deeming it "unnecessary". For the jury, he said, the media coverage during the trial "can not be worse than what is already on the Internet.” The two lawyers representing the media also opposed the application on behalf of the principle of open justice.

Cournoyer ruled in their favor. Earlier, he had mentioned that it accesses this application, "it would go directly to Ottawa,” referring to the Supreme Court.

"The application was quite unusual: it sought an order wall-to-wall on the trial,” commented Mr. Mark Banteay which represents several media, including La Presse. At the trial of Karla Homolka in 1993, Frances Kovacs judge issued a temporary order of non-publication of the evidence until the trial of her husband, Paul Bernardo in 1995.

For consideration, the judge Guy Cournoyer issued a temporary order of non-publication of the evidence that will be addressed in court before the trial did not influence the jury, which has not yet been selected. The defense would have liked a ban on postback for all queries, which was refused.

Cournoyer  also heard a second request from Magnotta’s defense team, on the admissibility of evidence, but its contents can not be disclosed. The judge set the debate surrounding this second query to August 28.

Magnotta is accused of murdering Lin Jun and contempt of his corpse. He is also accused of dissemination of obscene materials, use of the mail to disseminate this material, harassment against Prime Minister Stephen Harper and members of Parliament. He was arrested in a cafe in Berlin, June 4, after a hunt for international rights.

The hearing on the motions before trial continues this afternoon.

Translated to English from Source:

A heavier Luka Magnotta appears to sleep in court

Luka Magnotta appears in court in Montreal, Monday, July 21, 2014. DELPHINE BERGERON/QMI Agency

Luka Magnotta appears in court in Montreal, Monday, July 21, 2014. DELPHINE BERGERON/QMI Agency

QMI Agency

Jul 21, 2014

, Last Updated: 3:34 PM ET

MONTREAL — Accused murderer Luka Rocco Magnotta was very relaxed and even appeared to doze off during a court appearance Monday.

The 31-year-old Toronto native faces a September trial for the killing and dismemberment of Chinese student Jun Lin, 33, in Montreal.

Lawyers for both sides were in court Monday to discuss procedural matters under a publication ban.

Magnotta, who has gained considerable weight since his arrest in June 2012, had his eyes closed as lawyers went over points of law at the Montreal courthouse.

At times, he appeared to be sleeping.

The former sex-trade worker is accused of first-degree murder, indignity to a human body, production and distribution of obscene material and threatening Prime Minister Stephen Harper and members of Parliament.

A video clip that allegedly depicts the killing was posted to the Internet and body parts were mailed to Conservative and Liberal offices in Ottawa.

Other body parts were mailed to two Vancouver schools, authorities said.

Confirmed – Persecution of Mark Marek is Politically Motivated

Even though we knew right from the start that persecution of Mark Marek, founder of Best Gore was politically motivated, the authorities just went out of their way confirming that to be a fact. Here’s the latest on Mark as I understood it:

On March 7, 2014, Mark’s lawyer Laurie Wood attended a preliminary hearing conference with Mark’s prosecutor James Rowan and presumably also a judge. The conference date, as well as the dates for the prelims (September 2 and 3) were set back in January during a court hearing.

Mark has personally attended each of his court dates and intended to also attend the conference, but was told by his lawyer that he’s not welcome to it. Apparently, because Mark has legal counsel, only his counsel can attend the conference, but not himself.

After not attending the conference, Mark was briefed on the outcomes by his lawyer and told one disheartening and one suspiciously positive news.

Disheartening News

The disheartening news was that the preliminary trial was canceled because the crown (prosecution) decided there was no need for it. And according to Mark’s lawyer, the defense allegedly has no say in it so if the crown says there will be no prelims, then there will be no prelims.

The reason why this is disheartening (although unsurprising), is because it took half a year to move the case forward by having the date for the preliminary trial set. The primary reason why it took so long were various delays caused by the crown, such as ongoing failure to provide full disclosure.

We believe the delays are deliberate and have in its core the intention to drag the case for as long as possible, because the longer the case drags, the longer Mark remains silenced.

To this day, 9 months since the persecution started, Mark has still not seen a copy of the warrant to seize his laptop, or the video of his interrogation which contains the proof that the Edmonton police have service and protection of the public at the bottom of their priorities list, and that they violated his human rights and threatened his life.

So when at last after 6 months of delays an actual date of something important happening was set, there was the feeling of the case moving forward. It had long ways to go, but it was moving forward. But when the news hit Mark that the date was scratched, the move forward took a whole step back.

However even though the cancellation of the prelims brought the case back to ground zero, as it started a new period of waiting to set a new date, if Mark decides to not go ahead with constitutional challenge of Section 163 under which he’s charged, the case should go directly to trial so this intentional delay will eventually speed things up.

Mark has asked a few of us for our opinion on whether he should go for the constitutional challenge, but since every single move the prosecution took confirmed that his persecution was politically motivated, the answer was an overwhelming NO, as it would just condemn Mark to years, possibly decades of abuse.

Positive News

The positive news was that the prosecutor as well as a judge agreed that Mark’s bail conditions are so restrictive, they indeed infringe upon his constitutional rights, and expressed willingness to have them amended.

That sounded just about right, and it’s exactly what should happen in a democratic society, but in a democratic society, civilians are not persecuted for political reasons to begin with.

Mark has gone through 9 months of human rights violations with no end in sight. While the crown’s admission and acknowledgment of unconstitutionality of his mistreatment had a flare of fairness and justice to it, something about it just didn’t seem right.

I mean – if justice was of any concern to Alberta prosecutors, they would have put an end to human rights abuses long before they’ve gone on for 9 months. Never mind their participation in the smear campaign and the fraudulent imprisonment.

Ministry of Injustice

Although restrictions imposed upon Mark agreeably violate his human rights and are unconstitutional, and were allegedly recognized as such by the prosecutor and a judge during the pretrial conference, their openness to amend them in line with Canada’s constitution was quickly withdrawn a few days later. In other words, in Canada, constitutional rights are selective and mean shit if someone in the position of power says so.

The Alberta prosecutors and judges fall within the Ministry of “Alberta Justice and Solicitor General”. Notice the word “Justice” and ask yourself – what kind of “Justice” is it when even the prosecutors and judges acknowledge that something is unjust, but consciously set it aside to allow injustices to take over.

It is a deliberate act of injustice when agents with power to press charges recognize unlawfulness, but use their power to support it. A deliberate act of injustice supported by people in the position of power is an act of tyranny. An agency that perpetrates the acts of tyranny should be given a name that matches its actions.

Thus I propose that the Alberta institution lead by Jonathan Denis, the apparent enemy of freedom of speech, freedom of the press, and free and open internet, so long as he’s in the lead, be known from this day forward as the “Ministry of Injustice”.

Political Pressure to Disrespect Constitutional and Human Rights

The circumstances surrounding the prosecutor’s sudden change of heart suggest that someone high enough up the ladder is generating political pressure to keep Mark’s constitutional and human rights violated. Mark emailed me a copy of the letter Alberta’s Minister of Injustice Jonathan Denis sent to him as a response to Mark’s letter to the then Premier of Alberta, and concluded with utmost certainty that justice is of no concern of his, and that he’ll go out of his way supporting injustices if he so pleases. I will share the copy of the letter as proof in another post.

Yet that’s not it for the confirmation of political motivations behind Mark’s persecution.

Purpose of Petition Fulfilled

At this point I would like to thank everyone who showed support and signed our petition. Because we’re well aware that Mark’s persecution is politically motivated, we knew there would be no political will to deliver justice upon abusers who violated his human rights. Nevertheless, the petition did fulfill its purpose.

While the petition was still young, Mark’s lawyer came to talk to him that the prosecutors the petition was about whined to her in the courthouse that it contained hurtful comments. Hurtful comments? They should try what it feels like to be framed, arrested and thrown in jail, and then tell me how hurt their little egos feel.

Julie Roy and Cheryl Schlecker had every opportunity to do the right thing, only they chose to stand on the side of injustices. It was theirs and their choice alone. They apparently whined to Mark’s lawyer that they could have lost their job if they didn’t press charges, but that’s a poor excuse.

They are public servants paid with public money and as such, have an obligation to act in the best interest of the public. The need to ensure the public interest is served is also repeatedly highlighted in the Code of Conduct for Alberta Prosecutors. To attack freedom of speech, freedom of the press and free and open internet is NOT in the best interest of the public. Likewise, to use public’s tax dollars to bolster their egotism by persecuting a journalists who is not and never has been a threat to anyone’s life or property, and whose only crime is that he exposed their shortcomings, is also NOT in the public interest. It is in fact in direct violation of their Code of Conduct.

Their admission that they could lose their jobs further proves that Mark’s persecution is politically motivated, but it also further proves that they don’t have the best interests of the public in mind when they decide how to proceed.

Mark remains the one who acted in the best interest of the public. He kept the public informed on the matters of public interest. That it was of public interest was determined by the members of the public themselves, who read his reports by the millions. And that he continued to respond to the public interest for information he provided even when threatened with legal action makes him a better man than all of those who violate his rights combined.

Even if it was not Julie Roy’s or Cheryl Schlecker’s choice to press charges against Mark, even if they were pressured to pursue the charges because someone up the ladder ordered them to and could fire them if they disobeyed, it still proves that they put their selfish interest to keep their job before the greater good and attacked the true servant of the public. And it certainly still means they violated the Code of Conduct for prosecutors and wasted the taxpayers’ money.

Mark sacrificed his life, his well being and his freedom to serve the public interest, and he’s not paid by the public to do it. Yet neither of the prosecutors had the dignity to jeopardize their jobs to serve the public, even though their jobs are public funded.

So thank you again for signing the petition. We knew that because of the political pressure to keep Mark persecuted, justice would not be served, but the proof of political motives that came out of the petition made it all worth it. The petition also provided us with proof that the Alberta government is manned by autocratic tyrants.

Unfortunately, after the prosecutors whined to Mark’s lawyer, she in turn took it out on Mark as if he had anything to do with the petition. That once again made us all question whose side Mark’s lawyer is on, cause this was not the first time she acted in stark contrast to what’s in Mark’s best interest. Yes, this happened before!

Reprisal Action for Petitioning the Government

Not allowing people to perform basic constitutional rights, such as protest or petition the government, is an act of tyranny.

As of last week, we’ve been aware that elements within the Alberta government, possibly from the infamous Ministry of Injustice lead by Jonathan Denis, attacked the petition with more threats of reprisal action against Mark.

Their initial attack on Mark was an attack on freedom of speech, freedom of the press and free and open internet, which includes the right to criticize the government. These new threats are an attack on the public’s right to petition the government.

That they abused their positions of power and made up lies to imprison an innocent man, that’s apparently of no concern to any of them. What concerns them is that the public has the nerve to ask of the officials to stop abusing their power against innocent civilians at the expense of the public.

Last week, Mark’s lawyer told Mark that he can no longer use her premises to actively prepare for defense against the charges. She said the best she could do was allow Mark to come once per week for a couple of hours at a time.

This was allegedly in response to the crown making hints in line of possibly coming after her for allowing Mark to prepare for his own defense. Because as charges against Mark prove, in Alberta one can become a subject of criminal inquiry even if they committed no crime and there is no victim to their actions, the authorities could still use a fabrication to come after her and ruin her practice. Even if after long proceedings she’d prove her innocence, that would again be a Pyrrhic Victory. The crown would just say: “Oops, we got it wrong this time again” and the life would go on for them. But not for the victim.

Aside from allegedly implying possible action against Mark’s lawyer, which clearly had in its undertones their intention to cut Mark completely off, further threats were also allegedly made against Mark, implying that a new investigation was underway to pin more charges on him.

That’s apparently how Canadian authorities deal with people who have the nerve to petition the government – even if they weren’t the ones to start the petition themselves.

Evil Triumphs When Good People Do Nothing

Given these latest developments and evidence of clear political motives behind persecution of honest journalists in Canada, I believe the time has come to let the broad public know. Thus far we have restricted our reporting to Best Gore, but need has clearly arisen to spread the word beyond the website.

It would be a crime against humanity to witness human rights abuses and do nothing – to allow the abusers to continue attacking innocent people without being challenged.

As such, we consider it our responsibility to inform the public of human rights abuses committed by this administration on the taxpayer’s dime. It is our responsibility, and our duty to make the public aware so they know what to do when they go to the polling stations. And with the Alberta Premier post available for the taking, the need has never been more pressing.

Writing on the wall has it that Alberta’s Minister of Injustice Jonathan Denis may throw his hat in for the upcoming Premier election. If that happens to be the case, we will make sure Albertans learn of his support for unconstitutional injustices, and his crusade to crush freedom of the press and destroy free and open internet.

A government is only democratic is it’s of the people, by the people and for the people. This government is not FOR the people, therefore it’s not democratic. As such, it needs to be replaced.

Source:    4/8/14

Anonymous asked: Do you think there is a chance Luka will ever be released?

Yes, I do.  The main determining factor to that will be what he is convicted of (if anything) and the length of the sentence.  First/Second Degree Murder vs Not Criminally responsible vs Manslaughter vs Not Guilty.  It’s a pretty wide range.

TOMMY RAMONE  -  (1952-2014)

Anonymous asked: Who is Breann Pearl Lang ?

Breann Pearl Lang , sometimes known as Breann Pearl Lang-Kennedy, is a female who was linked to Luka Magnotta in 2012.  She was alleged to have been in the python christmas video (the female petting the python) as well as in the vacumn cleaner video as well.  It was also suggested she was the owner of the python snake involved in the video.  Nothing was ever proven.  Cat Lovers/Websleuths actually said Breann was Luka in disguise or a puppet account, which is yet another of their armchair websleuthing failures, as there are is a female clearly in the videos beside him.  As well, she has commented on the case long after he was in custody and has an active facebook page, clearly proving she is a real person.

Anonymous asked: Have you heard how the interviewing of witnesses is going in Europe?

Nothing has been reported publicly, although I’d imagine it should be wrapping up soon, if it hasn’t already.  Last we heard, a court date was set for late August to argue the evidence and determine what, if any of it shall be admissible in the trial.

Very proud of the lads, even though they just missed the finals.

Pictured is Netherlands goalkeeper Jasper Cillessen, after the final penalty kick goal sealed the fate.  The pictures say all that needs to be said.