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This blog is an ongoing investigation into the case and trial of Luka Magnotta. This is NOT a place for hate and it is also not a place for misguided fan-love. We offer to you the "other side of the story" , since only one biased, sensational side seems to be reported in the media, as well as ongoing coverage of the trial. It's also a look into various thoughts on life. Can you handle life?

Anonymous asked: Since the publication ban has been denied will we hear about the evidence they have against Luka?

Evidence should be published as the trial goes on, with the exception of certain pieces successfully argued for a publication ban.

1ashley1blog asked: hey! I can't seem to find anything specific about the date and times of Luka's trial... could ya help a sista out? haha

Formal Jury selection begins Monday September 8, with the trial is scheduled to begin tentatively on Monday Sept 15th, for at least 8 weeks.  There is a possibility of a delay to the beginning of the trial, dependent on the level of difficulty with jury selection and motions being argued.  Stay tuned here for updates as it goes along.

Anonymous asked: I personally don't believe the letters to be authentic. It's seems the person who wrote them tried too hard to emulate the writing found at the crime scene. (Especially they way the T's were wrote) I could be totally wrong though..

You also could be totally right.

Family of alleged Luka Magnotta victim wants some ‘obscene’ evidence banned forever from public

Family of alleged Luka Magnotta victim wants some ‘obscene’ evidence banned forever from public

MONTREAL — The family of the man allegedly murdered by Luka Rocco Magnotta wants certain exhibits that are evidence in their son’s death to remain under wraps permanently.

Lawyers and the judge who will oversee Mr. Magnotta’s trial for first-degree murder sifted through various legal motions Thursday.

HandoutLuka Rocco Magnotta being escorted by police on June 18, 2012

Mr. Magnotta is accused of killing university student Jun Lin, 33, in May 2012. The Chinese national was studying engineering at Concordia University.

Diran Lin, the victim’s father, wants the court to ensure some exhibits are not made public in any way.

“Those exhibits should not be distributed or published or reproduced because they, in our view, represent obscene materials,” said Benoît Lapointe, Diran Lin’s lawyer.

“We don’t want this material to ever be made available to the public or ever be made accessible.”

Those exhibits were presented under a publication ban at a lower-court hearing to determine whether Mr. Magnotta, 32, would stand trial.

Mark Bantey, a lawyer representing several media organizations, said outside the courtroom his clients are in agreement with the family on some exhibits.

But they are disputing that all of the ones presented by Mr. Lin’s family qualify as obscene.

“Other exhibits are not obscene,” Mr. Bantey said. “They may be shocking, but they are not obscene and they should be made public.”

Quebec Superior Court Justice Guy Cournoyer, who will oversee the trial, deferred his ruling to a later date.

The court has been hearing several pre-trial motions before the highly anticipated trial. Jury selection is slated to begin Sept. 8.

Judge Cournoyer told lawyers Thursday he expects the process of finding a bilingual jury will take some time. As a result, evidence is now expected to be heard beginning Sept. 22, one week later than originally planned.

The trial is believed to last between six and eight weeks.

In July, the judge rejected a motion by Luc Leclair, Mr. Magnotta’s to have all evidence at the trial fall under a publication ban.

However, he did maintain a publication ban on the reporting of any evidence that is currently being heard during the various motions or has already been heard and could be presented before the jury.

In addition to the charge of killing Mr. Lin, Mr. Magnotta is accused of: committing an indignity to a body; publishing obscene material; criminally harassing Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other members of Parliament; and mailing obscene and indecent material.

He has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

Mr. Magnotta was in court on Thursday, sporting short cropped hair and a moustache, and dressed in a neon pink T-shirt. He also appeared much heavier than when he was arrested in Berlin in 2012, after being spotted at an Internet café looking at articles on his crime.

He listened impassively to the legal arguments from the prisoner’s box.

The Canadian Press

Anonymous asked: They are now reporting on some letters Luka has apparently sent to his "fans". Do you think there is any fact to this, or just hoax letters?

There is a lot of questions about the authenticity of the letters.  The letters they showed on the Global newscast were the same ones that were floating around back in Summer 2012.  I’ve had scans of those letters myself since that time.  If you noticed also in the report yesterday, they mentioned a well out of date blog that hasn’t been active since Dec 2012, as if its something current.


Magnotta’s request for publication ban denied

Magnotta’s request for publication ban denied

Luka Rocco Magnotta is taken by police from a military plane that left Germany to a waiting van in Mirabel on June 18, 2012. Magnotta is accused of the May 2012 murder of Lin Jun, a Chinese national who was studying at Concordia University when he was killed.

Photograph by: HO , THE CANADIAN PRESS

Luka Magnotta’s request to prevent the media from identifying his family members who may testify at his upcoming trial has been rejected by a Quebec Superior Court judge.

Magnotta, 32, is charged with first-degree murder in the 2012 death of Lin Jun, a 33-year-old Chinese national who was studying engineering at Concordia University.

Besides the first-degree murder charge, Magnotta is also accused of committing an indignity to a body, publishing obscene material, criminally harassing Prime Minister Stephen Harper and other MPs, and mailing indecent and obscene material.

Jury selection is scheduled to begin on Sept. 8.

Anonymous asked: So we won't be able to see the documentary now? I was kinda looking forward to seeing it.

We will, eventually.  It’s just that due to the nature of the content in it, the publication ban is being violated.  Specifically, there are people in the documentary who commented on information given at the preliminary hearing.  More specifically, apparently at least 1 individual is a witness to a component of the case.  Expect to see the documentary after the trial.

Documentary on Luka Magnotta pulled from Festival des films du monde

Documentary on Luka Magnotta pulled from Festival des films du monde

The film titled Sex, Fame and Murder, is a Canal D investigation into the 2012 murder of Lin Jun, a 33-year-old Chinese national who was studying at Concordia University.

Photograph by: , THE CANADIAN PRESS

A documentary about Luka Magnotta has been pulled from the Festival des films du monde. The film titled Sex, Fame and Murder, is a Canal D investigation into the 2012 murder of Lin Jun, a 33-year-old Chinese national who was studying at Concordia University. Magnotta is accused of killing Lin Jun. The festival said it pulled the film so as not to interfere with the trial, set to begin Sept. 8. There is a partial publication ban in place on some of the evidence presented in the pre-trial hearings.

This folks, is the deep rooted problem with selecting juries nowadays….
And this case couldn’t be a better example.

This folks, is the deep rooted problem with selecting juries nowadays….

And this case couldn’t be a better example.


Edmonton man who allegedly posted Magnotta murder video wants Internet access back

Edmonton-based Mark Marek, owner of Best Gore website a graphic website that showcases grisly videos.

An Edmonton webmaster accused of corrupting morals for posting a video of the alleged murder of a Chinese student by Luka Magnotta was in court Wednesday.

Mark Marek, owner of the website, appeared with a lawyer in Edmonton’s Court of Queen’s Bench to apply to have the conditions of his release on bail varied relating to access to the Internet.

A decision was not made and the matter was adjourned to a later unspecified date. A ban on publication was also issued on the arguments made and reasons given.

Marek, 39, has been out on $7,500 bail since last summer and one of the conditions of his release is that he cannot access the Internet except at his lawyer’s office for defence purposes.

During an earlier court hearing, a lawyer for the Slovakia-born Marek argued that the condition was effectively taking away Marek’s ability to earn a living.

Marek was charged by city police for allegedly posting a video entitled “1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick” on his website that police say allegedly shows Magnotta stabbing Jun Lin with an ice pick, cutting up his body and eating some of it.

On May 29, 2012, Lin’s torso was found stuffed inside a suitcase outside a west end Montreal apartment building where Magnotta had lived. After a six-day international manhunt, Magnotta, a Toronto-born porn star and former sex-trade worker, was arrested in Berlin, Germany.

Magnotta, 31, is facing a September trial in Montreal on charges of first-degree murder, indignity to a human body, production and distribution of obscene material and threatening Prime Minister Stephen Harper and members of Parliament.

Edmonton police began looking into Marek’s website shortly after Magnotta was arrested and charged with the 33-year-old Lin’s killing in June 2012.

Marek is slated to be back in Provincial Court on Sept. 2 for a two-day preliminary hearing.


Anonymous asked: Do you think Luka will be fit to stand trial? It's very concerning that they reported he 'appeared to fall asleep during his last court hearing'.

He’s already been deemed fit to stand trial, that decision being made back at the preliminary hearing time period.  Hard as it is to believe, as yes, he appears heavily medicated and often dozing off during almost all proceedings.  That’s not a person fit to stand trial, in most people’s eyes.  It seems as if they didn’t care what state he was in, they were going to force trial.  The real story will come out at the trial in regards to culpability and state of mind during the time of the charges he is accused of.  As you know, I’ve based the nature of my blog and position on the case around that.  Please check out my archives for further reading on state of mind and Not Criminally Responsible.

Anonymous asked: I love your blog!!!! XOXOXO We don't get much coverage about this trial in my country so I hope for lots of info during the trial!

Thanks… and yes, stay tuned for extensive coverage and commentary during the trial, wherever you may be from.

Anonymous asked: what do u think of all these people who comment on the case like they're know-it-all's when they say they never even watched the video?

They’re uninformed cowards who have zero credibility.  In the sports world, they’re called ‘arm chair quarterbacks’ , only at least those bozos watched the event before they commented on it.  The bottom line is, if you want to be on the jury you’re going to have to watch the video.  Quire frankly, between all the hard core gore, pornography and violence in the daily news and television we’re fed, how can anyone claim they couldn’t bring themselves to watch one clip?  The reality is, most people are so desensitized now, 1 Lunatic 1 Ice Pick was much less a horrifying shock film, and much more an avant-garde art film.